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Materials and Mechanics Laboratory (MASTER Lab) is a part of the Marine Engineering Department at the Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka, Croatia. MASTER Lab focuses on the research of:

  • material properties in the different environmental conditions (marine environment, elevated temperature, etc.),
  • structural behaviour at the limit stress state (high stress, fatigue and fracture).

MASTER Lab deals with:

  • traditional materials (metals, polymers),
  • modern materials (composites; additively manufactured (3D-printed) materials).

MASTER Lab uses:

  • analytical method to solve problems in engineering mechanics,
  • experimental methods for material characterization,
  • numerical method for stress and strain structural analysis.

MASTER Lab works on:

  • application and implementation of research projects,
  • cooperation with other research and business institutions,
  • teaching at BSC, MSc and PhD level,
  • popularization of science.


Employees of the Faculty of Maritime Studies:

External associates:

  • Florian Sedmak, Shipyard 3. Maj,
  • Ljubomir Pozder, Shipyard 3. Maj,
  • Toni Vidulin, Shipyard Viktor Lenac.


List of the research equipment:

  • universal machine for material inspection Hegewald-Peschke Inspekt table 20 kN,
  • 3D scanner SOL Pro Scan,
  • 3D printer MakerBot METOD X Carbon Fiber,
  • Polimaster Polysher,
  • mobile hardness tester Insize,
  • optical microscope Kern OLE 161 with digital eyepiece,
  • ultrasonic gauge Sonatest T-Gage VDLW,
  • penetrant testing set,
  • endoscope camera PeakTech 5600,
  • thermal camera FLIR C3-X,
  • lathe C0636Ax1000 mm,
  • milling machine Farrox ZX7045B1,
  • finite element software Ansys,
  • shredder, extruder, spooler Felfil.


List of projects:

  • Failure analysis of additively manufactured steel in marine environment, funded by the University of Rijeka, 2024-2025,
  • Marine Composite Material Recycling and Re-use, funded by the University of Rijeka (ZIP project line), 2023-2026,
  • Failure analysis of materials in marine environment, funded by the University of Rijeka, 2019-2023,
  • Numerical modelling of crack occurrence and propagation, funded by the University of Rijeka, 2013-2018,
  • Marine Structural Failures Database, funded by the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), 2017-2018.


Papers published in scientific journals available here.

BSc, MSc and PhD thesis available here.