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The Student Council, as an elective representative body of students at the University of Rijeka Faculty of Maritime Studies, consists of student representatives elected according to the provisions of the Student Council and Other Students' Organisations Act (Official Gazette 71/07), the Statute of the Faculty of Maritime Studies Student Council and the Regulation for Elections of Student Representative into the University of Rijeka Student Council and Student Councils of University Constituents.

The president of the Faculty of Maritime Studies Student Council is Maurizio Bujanović, and Alen Mataić is the vice-president.

The representative of the Faculty of Maritime Studies Student Council of the University of Rijeka is Alen Mataić and his deputy is Chiara Matea Išić.

Student representatives in the Faculty of Maritime Studies Council are: Alen Mataić, Tea Pšihistal, Chiara Matea Išić, Maurizio Bujanović, Damjana Kučan, Antonia Stojić, Letizia Janovski, Stefan Jankoski, Daniela Matanović, Luka Milković, Davor Šakan.

All students may turn to their representatives in the Student Council for any questions, remarks and suggestions.

Furthermore, the Student Council is open for all students who would like to join the activities of the Council and thus contribute to the quality of the Faculty and the standard of the student life of all students of the Faculty.


Official e-mail of the Council -
Maurizio Bujanović, Council President -
Alen Mataić, Council Vice-President -

Besides representing the students and fighting for their rights, the Council also organizes various projects, both professional and entertaining. Some of these are: Career Day at the Faculty of Maritime Studies, Faculty of Maritime Studies Ball, Student Magazine Plima, Freshmen Party of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, Humanitarian Activities for the City of Rijeka Social Supermarket, humanitarian sport tournaments, sending students to conferences and professional fairs, organizing certain workshops for the students, participating in the humanitarian race “Wings for Life”, and many more.


The goal of the Career Day is to enable the students to find out what is appreciated and demanded on the Croatian labour market first hand, all in one place in the framework of one manifestation. Besides that, the Career Day enables the students to meet potential employers and offers the opportunity to find a job, while it also provides the companies with a faster and simpler recruitment. Furthermore, one of the primary goals of the project is to increase the level of satisfaction of the students who will be motivated in their further work and education at the Faculty based on the obtained information. Another goal of the project is to gather entrepreneurs whose employment and work profile is adjusted to all courses of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, so all the students would have the possibility to inform themselves about their future job. Also, owing to the Career Day, the Faculty may cooperate in the future with entrepreneurs, which may develop the Faculty and directly influence the level of quality of education at the Faculty.


The Faculty of Maritime Studies Ball is both a manifestation and a project. Besides good entertainment, the Ball offers a unique opportunity to the students to meet the leading people of the maritime world in a relaxed atmosphere, so they can approach them, meet them and thus for the first time, during studies, present themselves to potential employers, establish first contacts and actively start with introducing themselves to the business market. This is precisely the mission of this project, with the wish and vision to continue this form of cooperation of the Faculty with its students and representatives of the companies in this line of work, as well as other experts, in the future, and to make this a tradition recognized by the employers as a form of both socializing and meeting future candidates for work in their companies and offices. The ball is traditionally held in the Crystal Hall of the Hotel Kvarner in Opatija. So far we were entertained by Joško Čagalj Jole, Maja Šuput and Lana Jurčević, and every year another entertainer performs. There are also other cultural and entertaining acts and performances that complete the fantastic atmosphere.


The goal of the project is the organization of the humanitarian indoor soccer tournament to gather supplies and other things with the help of a team of students participating at the tournament. This would be delivered to the St Ana Home so they could use them and deliver them to their beneficiaries. Furthermore, the goal of the project is to introduce the students with the needs of the victims of violence and to stimulate the students to actively participate in assisting this group of citizens. One of the goals is also to raise the awareness about this problem, which is increasingly present in our country and our city. The tournament, which includes a large number of teams participating from various constituents of the University of Rijeka, has been held for a few years in the sports hall “3. Maj”. All this is followed by the audience which creates a fantastic competitive atmosphere on the tournament.


The goal of the humanitarian basketball tournament is to promote the culture of sport among the students, to offer the students the opportunity to show their other abilities and knowledge outside the faculty and to help those in need. Furthermore, the project aims to stimulate the students to actively participate in sports, to awake their competitive spirit, as well as to raise the students’ social awareness so they would help those in need, not only financially and materially, but also show them that they are not forgotten and that there are people who want to help them. The tournament is held every year in the sports hall of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and besides the 3x3 matches, it also includes the competition in shooting from the three-point line.


Every year the Student Council organizes the collecting of supplies for the City of Rijeka Social Supermarket. The activities are organized before Christmas and Easter and the goal is to collect as many supplies as possible for those who, unfortunately, cannot afford them. We are proud that every year a large number of our students, teachers and other Faculty employees participate in the action. We hope to raise the mentioned activities to a higher level in the incoming years and that we will help as much as possible to anyone who needs it. We invite everyone reading this, to help us in our future humanitarian actions!

Workshop “I would like to know, too!”

The project “I would like to know, too!” encompasses workshops with the goal of developing, improving and offering adequate knowledge and introducing the skills and the art of job interviews to a certain number of students. The workshops include a team of experts in the area. The basic goal of the project is to gain new, specific knowledge from the area of psychology, law and similar disciplines, as well as the following competencies: writing a CV, etiquette in employment, introduction to professional development, developing communication skills, presentation skills and proper language use, efficient time management and the way to gain the first job. It also emphasizes the importance of non-verbal communication, what we should pay attention to during negotiating a job (Employment Contract – parts, rights, obligations...), how to pose the right questions, advice on how to deal with stress, how to take rejection (negative answer by the employer), how to relax (various ways) before an interview and, last but not least, education about the rights regarding illegitimate questions during a job interview so the students would be prepared to go to the first “serious” job interview after graduating.