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  • Portal elektroničkih izvora za hrvatsku akademsku i znanstvenu zajednicu - provides access to scientific databases and journals with a national license and a University of Zagreb license
  • Web of Science - a platform through which citation indexes and databases are available, covering all areas of science
  • Scopus - bibliographic and citation database that indexes sources from all over the world and covers all fields of science
  • Scimago Journal & Country Rank - publicly available portal that includes journals and scientific country indicators based on the Scopus® (Elsevier B.V.) database
  • Google Scholar - a search engine for scientific literature and a citation indicator, developed within the framework of the Google search engine
  • ScienceDirect - a collection of scientific journals covering the fields of natural, technical, biomedical sciences and a smaller number of journals from the fields of social sciences and humanities
  • Zenodo - digital repository for storing publications, presentations, posters, images, audio and video materials, research data, learning materials and software
  • Mendeley Data - a digital cloud-based repository for data storage, easy sharing, access and citation
  • ORCID - a personal, digital, international permanent identifier that serves to unambiguously identify the author in order to solve the problems surrounding the different spelling of the author's name and surname in different databases
  • ResearchGate - an international free social network intended for researchers and scientists of all disciplines that enables the exchange of works, asking and answering questions and finding collaborators
  • - a social network through which you can find people who are interested in the same areas of research
  • Coursera - a platform with a large number of online courses and education programs in various fields
  • Udemy - platform for online courses and education
  • Repository of the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies - digital repository which gathers, permanently stores and allows open access to digital versions of scientific research, intellectual and creative property of the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies, its employees and students
  • Doctoral School of the University of Rijeka
  • Documents and regulations of the University of Rijeka