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IT assistant:

The Faculty of Maritime Studies IT centre manages a large number of Carnet and other servers, as well as the Faculty local network. They also supply and maintain IT equipment (computers, laptops, studomat, print servers, electronic notice board, etc.) and user applications, as well as all IT infrastructure at the Faculty. The IT Centre also creates and maintains the Faculty web pages, provides technical support for the Sharepoint server, Moodle system, etc.

The students can print their documents directly from the studomat application, located in the hall in front of the Student Administration Office, to the printer in the immediate vicinity.

To have wireless and wired access according to 802.1x standard to the network in Eduroam system at the Faculty of Maritime Studies, it is necessary to install a corresponding supplicant on your computer. Besides that, it is necessary to have the AAI@EduHr electronic identity. For more information and further instructions, please visit

Application for maintenance of the directory on domain (AAI@EduHR) -