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The Faculty of Maritime Studies is one of the scientific and educational components of the University of Rijeka, registered at the Commercial Court in Rijeka. Pursuant the legal obligations regulating scientific activities and higher education, one of the most important aims of the Faculty of Maritime Studies is to establish and develop appropriate study programmes (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate), as well as to perform scientific research in the multidisciplinary field of Maritime Studies. Another, equally important activity is the continuous development and improvement of seafarer's professional education programmes as well as lifelong education programmes, which allow the candidates to acquire competency certificates, in accordance with international maritime conventions. All activities and processes are consistent with the principles of sustainable development and the social community in which the Faculty operates.

The Faculty of Maritime Studies promotes science and research directed towards the application of contemporary scientific achievements in the area of Maritime Studies for the requirements of maritime economy in order to achieve greater economic success, as well as for fulfilling the requirements of all social factors, primarily with the goal of preserving the natural and other resources of the sea and the coast and establishing new theoretical and practical scientific insights in the complex area of Maritime Studies.

The Faculty of Maritime Studies continuously develops its cooperation with the national economy and actively participates in the development of maritime economy by conducting various development projects.

The Faculty of Maritime Studies actively participates in the preservation of objects, items, publications and documents witnessing the long and significant Croatian maritime history, the rich Croatian maritime heritage and history and it participates and supports the initiatives for the protection, preservation and revitalization of maritime and shipbuilding heritage.

The Faculty of Maritime Studies is also involved in the development of maritime legislature of the Republic of Croatia in accordance with the European and global developments.

The Faculty of Maritime Studies is developing a quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001 requirements. The system has been adopted so as to improve teaching and research activities as well as to develop comparable criteria and methodologies for the evaluation of the Faculty’s excellence and draw comparisons with similar higher education institutions in the country and abroad.

As part of its public action, the Faculty of Maritime Studies makes strategic, tactical and operational decisions on academic matters in Maritime Studies and Marine Sciences. Decisions are also made on fundamental and applied research in the field of Maritime Studies, on financial business, legal transactions, short-term and long-term investments and developmental plans, the communication with associate institutions and partners in scientific, research and higher education activities. The Faculty ensures mobility of students and teachers, the rational and purposeful use of human and material resources, constant surveillance and quality development of all activities conducted at the Faculty, as well national and international competitiveness in teaching and conducting scientific research.